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Jefferson's How-To

A step-by-step guide for ordering directly to your Jefferson's account,


To view wholesale pricing and order from

directly to your Jefferson's shopping cart, begin by logging in to your Jefferson's account. 

HOW-TO Login.png

Next, sign in to and start shopping.  From the KNITTING AND CROCHET drop-down-menu, let's click on FIXED CIRCULAR 

HOW-TO Fixed Circ.png

Let's click on Knitter's Pride DREAMZ.

Dreamz Circs.png

An expanded view of your selection. If this isn't what you wanted, click X to close the window
and go back to and make your selection.
Otherwise, click on the link to be taken to the Dreamz fixed circular page. 

Dreamz Expanded View.png

Dreamz Fixed Circular page.  Let's click on 32" inch.

Dreamz fixed circular options.png

Pricing details for Dreamz 32" fixed circular.
Once you have chosen the quantity and milimetre size of your fixed circulars (see next screen below), you must click ADD TO BASKET for your selections to be added.

Dreamz 32 inch Dreamz fixed circular.png

Scroll down and let's choose 5 quantity of 4.00mm. 
Remember:  click ADD TO BASKET for your selection to be added.
Return to to choose more products and continue shopping by following the above steps.  Click ADD TO BASKET for each selection you make.  You can modify or make changes to your order at any time.

Dreamz 4mm.png

Here, you can make any modifications you wish to your order.

1. Change the Qty of an item, then click Update Shopping Cart

2. Delete an item by clicking the Garbage Can icon

3. Delete all items by clicking Clear Shopping Cart

4. Go back to the previous page by clicking Continue Shopping


Dreamz shopping cart.png

To select other items, simply return to, click the X to close the expanded window (this is where you left off), go back to the KNITTING AND CROCHET tab and make your selections following these same steps.

Check out the ACCESSORIES tab too, where you will find many more products from Jefferson's.

Dreamz Expanded View.png

When you have finished your Jefferson's order and you are satisfied with your shopping cart, click Proceed to Checkout.
Shipping charges, where applicable*, will be applied automatically.
* Orders of $500 or more, FREE SHIPPING
* Orders of $350 or more, 1/2 PRICE SHIPPING

Dreamz shopping cart.png
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